Why the English hate the Scottish

Emma and I were driving back from our Easter break with Sharon and Stewart in Edinburgh.  Easter flipping Sunday and the Scottish police are out with their cameras generating revenue instead of sitting at home with their kids celebrating the day that the good lord climbed out of his cave or something.

The only good thing is…see that fella behind me in the big silver car – well we were racing and as the photographic evidence proves – Steeley wins!!

Here we have a good close up proving beyond any shadow of a doubt that Darren was driving when the skirt wearing haggis eating braveheart watching cock monkeys took the picture.  Seriously – 89mph and they get all arsey.  Unbelievable.

Detox is definitely called for

Myself, Jason, Paul and Uncle C have just returned from a week of carnage in Hong Kong.  We went out to watch the annual HK 7s tournament and see which one of us would be able to last the drinking distance.  If you’re interested the winners podium would be

1) Howarth
2) Steele
3) Simkiss
4) Wignall

The guy in the picture above is Kavin Oh [ and of course me ] who is my facebook buddy and resident of Singapore.  He was over there with his wife and managed to liberate one of the spare tickets I ended up with.

Everyone had a good time and more importantly everyone got home safely.

Happy days!

Oh, and as a final farewell – you know that Mr Howarth who is allegedly number 1 on the podium….. lightweight

Greenhouse revamp

In a true Alan Titchmarsh meets Sarah Beeny stylee I spent the weekend giving my greenhouse a bit of a revamp.  As can be seen from the "Before" picture the place was a bit of a health hazard with odd bits of paving making up the floor.  Some might argue, and I am of course referring to my darling wife here, that this is what a proper greenhouse should look like…but not I.

The newly revamped greenhouse has a light smattering of plum slate chippings at 70 quid a tonne [ robbing bastards ] with a lovely geometric pattern of paving stones forming a centrepiece.  This bijou little residence is now home to 70 germinating onion seeds, a bunch of pepper plants and some other stuff that I planted that I have since forgotten.  So that’ll be a nice surprise in a few months.