Sail shade saga continues

Long time readers [ hah yeah right ] will remember when I built the sail shade.  I didn’t quite factor in the amount of hassle it is to put it up and down.  It involves ladders, wobbly posts and arse twitching moments when hooking it up.  It would be great to just leave it up but the rain doesn’t quite run off and during a big old storm the water gathers and posts will snap…like one did.

I’ve considered some sort of furling mechanism like one gets on a boat’s jib – but that was looking pretty expensive and complicated.  But continuing with the sailing theme I went with a rough knot at the bottom to keep it off the ground and a reef knot mid-way up to reduce the windage.

Yes, windage is a real word.


BMW Windscreen Wash Repair

My windscreen washers stopped working as they all got gunged up inside and the filter ended up getting blocked.  To repair it is a proper pain in the arse.

  1. Jack the car up
  2. Remove the wheel
  3. Remove the front and rear wheel arch covers
  4. Wiggle the wash reservoir out of it’s hidden spot behind the wheel arch
  5. Clean it all out
  6. Put everything back together again

It really is a bad bit of design by BMW


Walking in Lancashire

On Saturday Amelia was at her acting classes [ yeah apparently we’re that middle class now ] so myself, Emma and Oliver embarked on a 6 mile walk.  We drove up to a nearby church and then set off across the countryside.  At one point we came over the hill that is far away in the middle of this picture :

and then we went for dinner in the pub, because we were all really really tired

and then we had to walk back to the car but since we went the direct route it was only about 35 minutes to walk back.

Everybody was sore the next day

A long time ago

When I was younger I had long hair, an MG and a penchant for furry jackets.  This was during my days living in Malmesbury/Bath


Proper manly work

As part of helping out at the cubs one of the other parents had the bright idea of making a bunch of nesting box kits that the kids could then put together to make a finished work of beauty.  I volunteered to help him in his workshop and we had a day of messing about with scarily big machines by the end of which we had ten nesting boxes ready to be assembled.


The orange Black and Decker “my first drill” in the foreground was my contribution to the tools we used.  It felt kinda pathetic


It’s a T-Rex off

Now that I have my laser cutter set up and working properly there is no end to the crap that I can make. Take these two crappy examples of crap, who would have thought that having multiple 3mm ply 3d T-Rex constructions would be so important?