Just, fucking jesus!

So. In the ongoing “we built a fucking extension” saga there was a point where we had wallpaper hung on the walls. It was beautiful. We marveled at the inability to see the joins between the adjacent rolls of paper. The decorator even went the extra mile and put our TV wall mount back up.

Fast forward a couple of months and we bought a bigger TV for the wall. We had to. It’s a big wall and the 55″ TV just looked too small. To go with the new 75″ TV we bought a new wall mount. As I was taking down the old wall mount I took a screw out and water started gushing out of the wall. The decorator had screwed straight through a pipe but the screw had sealed it….until I took it out again.

Nice hole

As you can see, my brand new wall now has a massive hole in it which I’ll have to put a new piece of plasterboard in, tape it up and then skim over it. On the bright side it’ll be a new set of skills!

The legend that is Uncle Chris came over and between the two of us we managed to chop out the offending bit of pipe work and following two trips to Screwfix [ the only place open on a Bank Holiday Monday ] we managed to seal it all up

Don’t ever build an extension! Take the money the extension would cost and sell your house and add the extension costs onto the sale price. FML

Dad’s birthday

My Father’s ashes are spread around the tree in my front garden. Since it was his birthday we decided to have a “Grandad Dave” glass of wine with him and follow in his footsteps of filling the glass until the meniscus came higher than the rim of the glass.


Many people have the view that I do some crazy stuff. But my crazy stuff doesn’t even come close to this madman.

He lives a few miles down the road from me and he’s planning to sail across the Atlantic [ Newfoundland to Lizard Point ] in this…

It’s 1.1m long. He can barely move once inside it. He’s going to be in a sitting position for 90 days. The food he’s taking with him contains Aspirin to thin his blood in order to reduce the risk of DVT. Just mental. Properly mental.

New hosepipe

We moved into the house about 16 years ago and I inherited the manky old hosepipe that was mounted on the wall. It leaked, it kinked up, it was a pain in the arse to wind in, it had to go.

A beautiful bit of German engineering.

So I bought a new one from CostCo. A thing of beauty. German engineering. It winds itself in and applies the brakes as it gets close to winding all the way in. It doesn’t leak and it’s longer than the last one too. Well chuffed.

Too much time on my hands

Whilst walking through the Lidl Middle aisle I spotted a six gang power block with surge protection [ exactly the sort of thing I could have done with to protect my Unifi switch ] so I bought it.

Whilst plugging stuff in I decided to get organised and label the individual plugs, and then I decided to plug the plugs in alphabetical order.

Definitely have too much time on my hands.


During the electrical safety check that had to be done ( to get the certificate for the electrics in the house ) the power supply went on and off quite a few times. Because I’m an idiot I didn’t turn off all my networking gear at the plug. So when all the power eventually came back on my Unifi switch didn’t 🙁

A quick google/amazon search revealed you can’t buy these things anymore. A search on eBay then revealed that they’re about £200 for a replacement. After much consideration and pissing about with a spare switch I had I eventually came to the conclusion that it really didn’t have to be a Unifi switch. All I really needed was a switch capable of delivering PoE.

Enter stage left….a Netgear switch for £50

So the main part of this blog post isn’t that I bought a Netgear switch. It’s that I used my Ryobi tools to cut a hole in my network layout boards and slotted the switch in so that the ports popped out of the front. Then Amelia and I took some beading we had lying around and cut it to shape to make some nice edging. Then I used my nailgun to make an utter mess of mounting it. I may well remove the nails and mount it with glue instead.

Door Handles

Finally got around to buying some chisels and having a crack at fitting some door handles to my new doors.

I think it went pretty well…

Drilled and chiselled
The finished job. The next one I did had a lock and everything!

I reckon every man should have a set of chisels

and some cool magnetic things to hold them in place


We went to Worden Park with Sammi and Tilly-Belle. Feels like a lifetime ago but this is where the family tradition of baring our bottom teeth for photos originated.

Tilly-Belle didn’t get the memo!

Here’s another example

Holibobs in Majorca

We were planning a three week vacay to Malaysia but finances are a little tight at the moment since I’m still an unemployed bum. So instead we accepted the kind offer from my Mum and Paddy to send us all away somewhere. The kids were keen on a lazy beach/pool holiday so we shot off to a lovely hotel in Majorca and had fun on the beach and in the pool.

Me trying to do a handstand

The kids were most dismayed when I got quite excited by the e-ink display at the bus stop where we were waiting for a bus to have a cultural day in Palma.

I reckon this was probably solar powered too, but I didn’t check

We all had a lovely time. Nobody got sunburn and we discovered that Oli loves Tacos! Result