Re-roofing the arbour

Emma pointed out that one of the beams [ or trusses or whatever ] in the arbour had cracked due to the weight of the climbers growing across the top. “You’ll have to replace that beam” she said. “I’ll have to replace them all and get rid of that climber” replies I. I had good reason to want to tidy the whole arbour up since we eat out there in the Summer. Last time we had friends over for dinner we put some braziers in the arbour to get some heat going and we had a succession of snails dropping onto our heads from the climbers above. It was definitely not cool.

In my usual style I totally forgot to get pictures of it “before”, so here are the “midway” and “after” pictures…

What you can’t see in these is that I also had to rebuild all the walls around the arbour too since they’d all crumbled away…and we now have bark chippings and new plants all around the edges. It’s all lovely!