A Cupertino tragedy in a canal

In my previous post I valiantly declared that my non-waterproof iphone [ see here ] probably just needed a new battery and all would be tickety-boo.  Well, it turned out to be almost the case. 

Above is the phone with the new battery part way soldered in.  It was with a dry mouth, shaking hands and the warning of "don’t short the li-ion battery to the case or explosions will occur" ringing in my ears that I donned soldering iron and non-lead solder.  I was using Bill’s soldering iron initially but it was a pre-77 iron and really wasn’t up to the job as it lacked the fine point required for modern electronics.  If you’re wondering how I know it’s pre 77 then it’s because I had to wire a plug onto it and the wires were red, black and green.  Verrrr old.

After I’d almost completely destroyed the iPhone motherboard and solder was spread across all contacts, the heat-sink, the motherboard, my desk and a pile of receipts to the right of my keyboard I decided that the tools just weren’t up to the job.  A quick trip to Maplin secured me a nice new soldering iron, a solder sucker, some de-solder braid and some unleaded solder – one must think of the environment and all that.  Back to work I went and this time it was much more successful. 

When I powered up the handset I noticed that there was considerable water damage in the screen which just made things look crappy.  In a moment of what can only be described as sheer lunacy I decided to take the whole thing apart and "Isopropyl Alcohol" the screen so that it would be a whole new groovy iphone and I would be the toast of Olde Wigan Towne.

This is the iPhone with the screen disassembled.  People forgot to mention that you need a clean room, sixteen arms and a fucking clue to reassemble this thing.  Not a hope.  I had the screen cleaned up and back together in a thrice.  The handset powered up and there was nothing – the touchscreen had ceased to work.  So apart it came again, only this time I managed to crack the display and also snap the wire connecting the front button to the motherboard.  The new glass was a tenner and I could repair the wire – so I wasn’t massively concerned about this disaster.  I reassembled the screen in a different order [ and yes I do realise I should have taken photos as I was disassembling it 🙁 ] but was all for naught.  I decided it was third time lucky.  Disassembled, rearranged and was in mid reassemble when I managed to tear through the connecting strip from the motherboard to the radio circuitry.  Game over.  Bastard!


The last resting place of Darren Steele’s first generation iPhone. 

9th Nov 2007 – 23rd July 2008.  Rest in Peace.