Petrol prices in the UK


I’ve been driving around a fair bit recently heading up to the Lake District to sail my boat and travelling down to Reading to go to the office and the thing that I keep noticing is the petrol price is always 104.9p per litre or 115.9p per litre.  Why do they have to keep putting the 0.9 on the end of it? 

Do oil companies think drivers go "tskkk, just look at that, it’s 115p per litre now.  Still at least it’s not 116p".  Well, people really aren’t that fucking stupid now are they.  It’s like when people advertise their house at £299,999 because then it’s not advertised for £300k and it "sounds cheaper".  Fucking imbeciles the lot of them.

So dear petrol stations and home sellers, let’s call a spade a spade and stop fannying around with 0.9p or knocking £1 of a £300,000 pound house.  Jesus.

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