Ummmmmm to Cartagena

We set off from the anchorage in the Spanish national park and headed for Cartagena. There was some bad weather coming in ( 30kts+ and rain ) so we decided we’d stay a couple of nights in the marina at Cartagena.

Me waiting to do a day shift

We arrived at the marina after a day or so of sailing [ I don’t think we did a night passage here but it’s a few days later and all starting to blur into one ] and I seem to remember we spent a lot of time on engine to ensure we avoided the storm. We got into the marina quite late and so were pleasantly surprised to find a bar still open and serving food.

The food was edible, the drinks were cold.

After the Yellow Submarine bar we went to Radio bar just up the road. The toilet was truly horrific. Absolutely Trainspotting standards. But when you’ve gotta go!

The next day in Cartagena the rain absolutely arrived. Properly throwing it down. The plan was to do some exploring but after a few seconds out in the rain we were all soaked. So we took shelter in the nearest pub and pretty much just got drunk and ate for the day and night.

A collection of the wines we went through. There were a lot more than this…actually I think this is just one night.

When I told Emma we were heading to Cartagena she sent me a picture that she’d taken there on a school trip a few years before.

This is Emma’s photo on a beautiful sunny day
This was my recreation on a much much wetter day. I couldn’t do it perfectly as there were some barriers to my left preventing me getting the angle correct on the building in the background

We left Cartagena in beautiful sunshine heading for Ibiza.