La Palma

We had a whole day on land in La Palma so rented a car and did a little exploring.

The ittle Fiat Panda that took a battering transporting 5 reasonably sized men around
The view of Tazacorte marina. You can just about make out our yacht
Some flora of the Canaries
Michal in front of some caves
We had to hike down a path to get to this point. Annoyingly the tourism fella didn’t tell us we could swim here!
Tazacorte by night
Leaving La Palma

As I write this we are motoring away from La Palma heading for Madeira. The winds will be getting up soon and we should be in Madeira in about 36 hours. This will be our first night passage of this voyage but the winds are predicted to drop to about 12 knots around midnight so hopefully it shouldn’t be too bad.