Fresh Pasta

We moved from dry tagliatelle to fresh tagliatelle a while ago and the difference is pretty epic. So inspired by some Saturday morning kitchen cookery type programme making their own pasta, I decided Amelia and I should have a crack at it. We got the pasta machine as a Christmas prezzie from Granddad John and Amelia/Emma bought me the 00 flour used for making pasta…and off we went

00 Flour waiting for our eggs
Making the dough is a bit messy
But we ended up with something resembling Jaz

After a 30 minute chilling session in the fridge the fun part began

Once again, and I cannot stress this enough, cooking without wine is positively barbaric. It’s a crime against culinary pursuits and humanity in general.
We had to fashion a pasta drying rack out of stuff we had lying around in the kitchen. We’ve since purchased a proper drying rack but it hasn’t arrived yet.

On the whole our first tagliatelle making experience was an immensely positive one. We loved it. But we messed up. We ran the tagliatelle through the pasta machine until it was about the thickness of fresh tagliatelle – which was about two notches away from being the thinnest setting on the machine. This was a mistake. As soon as we started boiling the tagliatelle it swelled up massively and was pretty thick – kinda ending up like Udon noodles. They tasted fantastic, but just a bit thick. So next time we do tagliatelle [ we’ve done several batches of spaghetti since, but no tagliatelle ] we’ll be sure to run them through the machine on the thinnest setting.