Jason shot me

Son of a bitch tried to shoot me in the ass.

God damn shot me.

So Jason, who is in the best friend category – but is in danger of being relegated from the group – shot me in the leg. We were visiting Paul and got the air rifle out to shoot some targets. Paul and I decided to have a bit of a mash in the Polaris …

… so we asked the guys to stop shooting whilst we drove down to the bottom of the garden. We drove down, stopped at the gate, I jumped out to open the gate, Paul drove through the gate and then Jaz took aim. Calmly sighted my ass in the telescopic sights and squeezed the trigger of the gas powered air rifle, and motherfucking shot me.

It really hurt. It really really really fucking hurt. It bled. Jaz…shot me….and drew blood.

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