Sail shade saga rumbles on

As I alluded to in a previous post I’ve been doing my sail shade all wrong. When I initially did the maths to work out where to position the poles to get the appropriate tension on the shade I just always assumed I would be attaching the shade to the poles directly using shackles and turnbuckles and such. This was stupid. Completely retarded.

Anyway, at some point in the past I bought a new sail shade but because I’m a bit of a cretin I bought the wrong size. I never bothered to return it and had a vision of using it as TV screen movie projector thing…anyway, I didn’t do that either. But I finally worked out that with some judicious use of paracord I can suspend the smaller shade between the posts and get it all lovely and taut and centralised.

It was whilst straining to pull the paracord to tighten up the shade I remembered we used to use pulley systems like the one above on my little boat and those pulleys would make this whole sail shade tautening thing much easier. It did…and it’s a thing of beauty.

Look at it – just look at it man – beautiful.

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